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Facebook shirks responsibility, says experts can’t be truste


Facebook’s vibrancy, experts are not believed to be

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Comment: The so-called so-called Facebook community is called a trusted news source, the realization of Mark Zuckerberg is a really annoying support.
Facebook shirks responsibility, says experts can't be trusted

People whose mission, this year, want to reform Facebook, you like to do it for them.

All of you

Those who may be concerned about each and every issue to respond to a survey on Facebook are the ones

Chief Executive Zuckerberg on Friday proposed that no media outlet data is a reliable source.

Zuckerberg said that to combat “lovers, confusing and polarizing”, Facebook will try to ask questions about media sources on quality surveys.

Facebook will ask some questions whether you believe that a particular publication is reliable, and then look at all the information collected from the respondents.

It will work, right?

Some may say that Anarchists are a good and reliable source of daily life. Hammer and Exxel Express will have other claim

Zuckerberg hopes that publishing at least one publication or who responds “on the other side” shows them both as credible. Great hope

What is this extremist response from this survey? You know, those who are very tired in the world, Sanita will love again from a long holiday.

Zuckerberg likes to make the so-called Facebook community accountable because it means that the company itself does not want to take a meaningful position. Anyone consider it a media platform, it should be believed a lot.

“We have decided that the community will be more dependent on more reliable sources,” Zuckerberg said in his article on Facebook.

Many people that this community itself could have been deceived by fake newsletters during the Russian written election.

In both cases, Zuckerberg’s interpretation is one sentence that some people can not pass the test of loyalty.

“We think that we are asking external experts to make decisions on our behalf, but they probably will not solve the problem,” Zuckerberg said.

How strange, something can happen when experts lose many skills, they definitely dislike the age experts. For example.

Experts say that climate change is being used as scary.

Why did most of the Advisory members not visit the National Park Service last week because they said that Interior Minister Ryan Jane was not interested in meeting them?

Here Zuckerberg very well said, we could have created this committee of experts who may have a true knowledge about this wrong information, but not, we will ask someone who will respond to our surveys.

Do not respond immediately to a comment request on Facebook

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Facebook claims, this “community” I make a word to reduce the reverse, as things do not I think. Not only does your users have a large number, this does not mean that they can communicate with their small group on their Facebook spend.

However, Facebook is often excluded from throwing that “community” decision. Because it allows the company to avoid liability for a big decision. And, oh, it’s cheap.

For example, in 2012, the “community” on Facebook must determine whether the security inspection controls. Users rely on how to define how and how hate speech should be considered.

But in the latter case, he claimed that experts, as well as learned from society.

So, how strange it is, it does not believe that experts may be experts to determine whether a source can be based on them.

At a time when people are polarized more – for some time the false information is being provided on behalf of all parties – on Facebook they believe that the same person is the best stock material.

Well, do not say what your values ​​are and how they do not give the wrong information, publish the values ​​and then appoint a committee, oh, expert experts help to make it work to make it work.

It is impossible to happen, though Facebook actually stand for something.