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Under Screen Fingerprint Sensor is REAL!!!

Under Screen Fingerprint Sensor is REAL!!!

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After a whole year about whether Apple or Samsung fingerprint sensors should be integrated under their primary phone display, it is actually China’s Vivo which is the first one. In CES 2018, I got the first smartphone attraction built in this future technology, and I left a little Messi with experience.

To set your fingerprint on the phone mechanics, the use of the device to open it and the authentication methods are the same as the traditional fingerprint sensor. Basically, each other fingerprint sensor is incredibly fast and accurate these days, so having this new technology, its little push still seems clear.

2018 biggest challenge of 2018
Vivo uses new announcements Synaptics Optical Sensor, which is an advanced position for the year. This task works by reducing the gap between the OLED display (the background does not work due to the background in the LCDs) and your individual form spin scanning. While synopsis for Samsung S8 and Samsung last year, it was possible to join the company, it makes it clear that it will not be ready for the phone’s release time. So far Vivo is still off on the announcement of this unknown phone and mass production with a clear ID sensor called Synaptics is already different now as things are different.

This is the clear and instant insight on how to show me strange things about the phone and the fingerprint system. This 6-inch phone has some fewer bezels like OnePlus 5T, but I happen to be open when I put down my screen in my fingers. The technical aspect of this technology is completely invisible, and if it does not notice how technically it is, it feels almost footnote and reluctant. Of course, it must have always been there.